McPherson Financial Advisors, Inc. is a holistic financial planning firm. Our commitment is to the client first and foremost. We do not require that you place your investments with us. Many of our clients are self-directed investors who realize the benefits of financial planning. Our approach to investing is a primarily index-based approach.

We take time to fully understand our client's goals and aspirations. Our recommendations are built not only from spreadsheets, but, more importantly, from an understanding of what will provide peace of mind to our clients.

We specialize in planning for retirees and pre-retirees. The decision to retire or perhaps to enter the next chapter of life is never made easily. Aside from the financial issues, there are behavioral considerations about how to find fulfillment if you are not generating income, and how to use your accumulated wealth to lead a satisfying life.

We focus on assisting clients to lead a fulfilling life in "retirement". We also pay close attention to the financial details, and offer strategies that can reduce tax and the cost of investing just when you need those strategies to work as optimally as possible.

Our ideal client is at least 50 years of age, has accumulated investment savings, and is either already living in retirement, or considering what life would look like without the demands of working full time.

A comprehensive financial plan is strongly recommended to all clients. A financial plan is a thorough analysis of your entire financial picture and a road-map to achieving your life goals. At a minimum, the plan addresses these topics:

    • Retirement planning strategies

    • Asset and investment strategies

    • Insurance needs analysis

    • Estate planning

    • Elder planning

For those clients who wish to have their assets managed professionally, we offer ongoing investment management services.

Sometimes financial issues arise that do not fit neatly into any one category. McPherson Financial Advisors, Inc. can be relied on for solid advice based on sound reasoning and common sense. If we are not knowledgeable in the financial area you need help with, we will help to identify professionals who can assist you.